Photography Mathieu Fortin

Styling Jay Forest

Hair & Makeup Leslie-Ann Thomson at Folio


About The Author

Jay Forest

Jay Forest’s talent as a stylist reflects his unique life journey, a happy mixture of ambition, curiosity and openness. A native of Acapulco, he arrived in Montreal in the early 2000s with a strong interest in media, fashion and advertising. During his studies, he gradually immersed himself in the fashion industry as an assistant to renowned designers and as a seller of high fashion collections at Maison Simons. A quick jump to the men’s section at Holt Renfrew and he found himself at Off The Hook magazine, where as a buyer for the women's section, he toured Europe and the United States to discover new trends. His involvement in the industry influenced his style. He has a fresh look on fashion and presents, with an elegant simplicity, successful alliances of urban and contemporary. Through his work, Jay seeks to transcend clothing to highlight the people who inhabit them. Rapidly, he has been recognized for both his humanity and his daring works for Elle Québec, Dress to Kill, Snap, enRoute, Clin d’Oeil and through various television projects. Photographers like John Londono, Maude Arsenault, Maxyme G. Delisle and Shayne Laverdière also recognize his talent. The ever-changing Jay has a unique take on fashion, a raw talent that energizes the Folio team since 2012.

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