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The PRADA boutique on Bloor Street in Toronto was recently renovated and what better way to celebrate than to host a private shopping event to benefit The National Ballet of Canada.

Last Monday evening, elite guests were invited to the store, where 10% of all purchases going towards the National Ballet’s Dancer Health & Wellness Program.

This program is a group of physicians, surgeons, nutritionists, massage and physical therapists, all making sure that the ballet performers can get the treatment and help they need.

Lynda Prince, program chair, knows that these dancers put a lot of stress and risk on their bodies, and wanted to see their health improve.


Celebrities, dancers, and the fashion industry’s elite were all in attendance, including National Ballet’s artistic director and former dancer Karen Kain, Emily Burnett, Dr. Toni Zhong, Natalie Hartman, Vanessa Mulron, Suzanne Cohon, Loretta Chin, Elizabeth Yeung, Vanessa Mulroney, Maxine Granovsky, Amoryn Engel, Emannuelle Gattuso, and of course, host Lynda Prince.

The proceeds will no longer be benefitting the National Ballet Dancer’s Health & Wellness Program, but Prada‘s renovated Toronto store is something you’re sure to want to check out.

Prada Toronto

131 Bloor Street West

Toronto, Ontario

Amoryn Engel

Maxine Granovsky