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If you know me, even just a little, you know that I am obsessed with healthy, radiant, glowy skin. One way you can achieve this desired skin is by detoxing. Loving life in a big city, we sometimes forget the damage it can cause. In case you didn’t know, each day, seven billion toxins accumulate in the skin, preventing it from regenerating and causing it to appear dull.

Dior’s One Essential Intense Skin Detoxifying Booster Serum is a powerful must-have product if you are looking to detoxify and refresh your skin. It continuously eliminates and combats toxins by reinvigorating the skin’s eliminating process. It also enhances and optimizes the functioning of cells while boosting up to 4 times the potency of the ingredients of your skincare, resulting in restored and luminous skin.



Results after 7 days*
Fresher skin: 87%
Skin that breathes: 83%
A more flawless complexion: 80%
Purified skin: 67%

After 1 month*
Fresher skin: 90%
Skin that breathes: 85%
A more flawless complexion: 83%
Purified skin: 81%









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