Protein powders are stereotypically associated with avid weight lifters and hulking muscles. For this reason, many women tend to shy away from the idea of taking a shake. However, there are many benefits from getting an extra dose obtained through powdered forms of protein that come from milk, eggs, or plants (e.g. rice, soybeans, peas, chia seeds), including boosting your metabolism! Also, with so many brands and ingredient combos out there, you can easily tailor your protein powder choice to your health goals and dietary requirements. Below are 3 protein powders DTK recommends. Enjoy them as a quick snack by combining with almond or coconut milk or make them part of your morning routine by adding into iced coffee, pancake mixture, or, of course, your morning smoothie!

By Daisy Mellar 

Yuve’s All-In-One Shake

Founded by former Russian ballet dancer Lola Sherunkova and former bodybuilder Sam Basilio, Yuve protein powders were created with busy, health-conscious people in mind (like themselves!). Yuve has won several awards for it’s delicious, completely natural taste. This shake is completely packed with plant-based protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber, pro-aging enzymes, and antioxidants – helping digestion, blood circulation, muscle tone, immune systems, and healthy skin and hair.

large tub $49.99, small tub $34.99, 10-pack $34.99


Vega’s Protein & Greens 

Vega started when professional triathlete Brendan Brazier found that real plant-based foods helped him recover between training sessions better than supplements. Available in seven amazing flavours including vanilla, chocolate, berry, tropical, plain unsweetened, coconut almond, and, my personal favourite, salted caramel! Each serving of Vega’s Protein & Greens contains 20 grams of plant-based protein made with real plant-based food ingredients, including pea protein, brown rice protein, sacha inchi protein, alfalfa powder, spinach powder, broccoli powder, and organic kale powder. A great trick is to add half a scoop into your vegan brownie recipe for extra plant-based goodness.

Small (16-18 servings) $29.99


Naked Nutrition’s Naked Whey

With a philosophy of only using the purest, simplest ingredients, Naked Nutrition prides themselves on being transparent about what they sell to help you meet your nutrition and fitness goals. Naked Whey Protein Powder (available in chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry) contains only three ingredients, including organic chocolate/ vanilla/ dried strawberries with organic coconut sugar and whey protein, which is made using grass-fed cow’s milk from small dairy farms. By using a careful manufacturing process, a non-denatured whey is formed, packed with essential amino acids and retaining all the vital nutrients in their purest form.

5 LB – $169.99