Global beauty icon and famed supermodel Candice Swanepoel is the muse for new fragrance Viva La Juicy Rosé. Her soft femininity and bubbly presence capture the essence of the Rosé girl. We had the chance to ask her ten questions about her beauty secrets, fitness routine, and ultimate fashion indulgence.


by Brenna Dixon


The Juicy Rosé girl is all about having a good time. What do you do for fun?

I really like to travel and to see all the places that I always dreamed of discovering. I enjoy dancing with my friends, and I like to hula hoop! I’m also a homebody; I like to stay home, cook, and have a glass of wine.


What drew you initially to the Juicy brand?

The Juicy girl has such fun-loving party girl qualities that I always wanted to embody. I grew up seeing the campaigns, which were always so fun and bright. I’m really happy to be the new Juicy girl!


What is the secret to your glowing skin?

I think it’s a mixture of my diet and taking really good care of myself in between travelling and working. Not wearing too much makeup also helps, but I think diet is really important for glowing skin.


Do you have a specific moisturizing routine or go-to body product?

Yes! I love Biotherm’s Lait Corporel Body Milk because it’s a very light and non-greasy moisturizer. I use coconut oil when I need to apply something a little richer to my skin.  As a facial mask, I use Biotherm’s Aquasource Emergency Hydration Mask, which gives me a great glow.


Have you learned any great insider tricks from makeup artists backstage during your career?

So many! You know, there are a lot of different styles. Some artists apply makeup with their fingers and others use specific brushes. I think it’s a totally different look using your fingers. You get to work the product in with the heat of your hands, so you get a more natural look and a lighter finish. Your makeup doesn’t look so heavy. Another good trick is to heat your eyelash curler with a hairdryer. That way the curl stays a lot longer, and it is more defined.



What is your favourite way to stay fit?

My favourite way to keep fit is by doing an activity. That way it doesn’t feel like I’m forcing myself to do something. I’ll go swimming or do something a little more fun like dancing.


The Juicy Rosé muse turns an ordinary day into a party. How do you prep for a party?

I love the whole getting ready process. I love to put on music and spray my fragrance before I start prepping to get myself in the mood. I think it’s important for women to have that moment to get ready and feel glamorous.


You are famous for your glamorous presence. Do you have a glamour icon?

I have many different icons, but I would choose Brigitte Bardot. She is glamorous and quite fun. She also lets loose a little bit, too. I think that kind of balance is good.


What is your biggest fashion indulgence?

Handbags! I love Chanel and Givenchy!


What beauty product would you never leave the house without? 

Concealer and lip balm. I use this coco butter lip balm, which I’m addicted to!  I always have a fragrance in my bag, too. I live on the go and never know where I will be next, so I think it’s really important to smell good and be prepared!