Quentin Carnaille

Made from many vintage watch segments, they reflect the resourcefulness of the architect: levitation, optical illusions, development… His works of art catch, intrigue and dependably have a mystical extent. The manifestations are similar to commemorations, constructed to the superbness of old timepieces from the brilliant period of watchmaking.

Born in 1984 in Roubaix, northern France.  The youthful man was never an excellent researcher until his imaginative ability was uncovered while contemplating structural planning in Belgium.

In 2008, a prior year graduating, Quentin Carnaille made a couple of sleeve buttons as a gift for his father. The pieces were created from two mechanical watch developments from the 1930’s. A month later, the sleeve buttons find their path to the “Louver des Antiquaires” in Paris in Mr Arka’s stall, a well-known antiques merchant

In the wake of graduating, Quentin Carnaille experienced different expert preparing in deals, fund and legitimate, aggregating knowledge to turn into a business visionary.

In parallel, his manifestations increase, his first shows happen and the craftsman wins a few honors. One of the prizes empowers him to open his own particular workshop/boutique in Lille (France) on account of the name “Maison de mode”. He exists in the boutique’s storm cellar for eight months so as to work day and night.

The adolescent craftsman then creates an undeniably careful reflection around the thought of time, addressing topics like limitlessness or relativity. “Time doesn’t exist,” says Carnaille, “it is essentially the aftereffect of a steady human inspiration to emerge it!”  He additionally draws a parallel between watchmaking and construction modeling; a parallel he will investigate in additional profundity through his figures, as a perfection of his philosophical and creative way.



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