Renata Morales
Renata Morales

Renata Morales is one of Montreal’s best kept secrets. Although she has been avoiding the spotlight, those who are in the know, know. Like Montreal band Arcade fire, who have been wearing the designers almost couture creations for videos and tours and even to the Grammys. Through her dresses made of meticulously worked fabric and her whimsical sense of detail, Morales has perfectly woven her Mexican roots, love for art and her passion for a good party dress. Her creations captivate and by wearing a Renata Morales you simply spell JOY in (capital letters) and a lust for life. This very lust will showcased at the newly minted Phi Center, located in Old Montreal) during 8 days in June, the designer will be orchestrating what might seem like a art/fashion fair during the day and cabaret by night.

8 days of shopping and 8 days of parties
For 8 days, the Phi Centre will be transformed into a fair by day and a cabaret by night.

8 days where the biggest designers will set up shop in the Phi Centre and offer accessible creations of all kinds: t-shirts, dresses, fabrics, ceramics, jewelry and more.

8 days where artists from here and from abroad will create exclusive and accessible pieces.

8 days where avant-garde artists will hold exhibitions and shows.

8 days that will become festive nights with a lineup of DJs, concerts featuring emerging artists and surprise guests.

8 days where the party will start at 10 a.m. and end at 2 a.m.

8 days of art, fashion, food, movies, music and shopping.

In fact, the Phi Centre will create the first ever 8-day week in the history to allow Renata Morales to throw a party everyone will want to attend.

Some of the artists, designers and bands who have already confirmed their interest in participating in The 8-Day Week by Renata Morales: Denis Gagnon, Complex Geometries, Young Paris, The Salivation Army, Slim Twig, TENDERNESS, Joe Becker, Jeff Barbera, Karneef, Agor, Prison Garde, Actress, and Petra Glynt.

In the mean time you can get yourself ready with a teasing Soundcloud playlist

June 5 to 12, 2013, tickets 15$/day for more details visit :

— Eva Bilinska