A partnership that blossomed after a tweet between two sisters and a corporate team.

In this age of millennials, partnerships with large corporations can sometimes be formed by chance to those who are brave enough to follow their dreams. Lauren and Mariel Armstrong, the sister duo behind the Vancouver based clothing brand PARTYSKIRTS  were two individuals who launched their brand at an early age, driven by an passion to fill the missing gap in their closets by adding creativity to a simple basic – skirts.

As for how the collaboration with KEDS came about, it was credited to the inner workings of social media that made the initial connection between the two parties. The Armstrong sisters wore Keds iconic Champion Originals last year during a tennis-themed photoshoot they planned for their own brand, and the photos turned out so cute, the sisters decided they had to share with Keds via social media. After a couple different social media interactions, Keds corporate team took notice of the stylish sisters, and the whole partnership took off from there.

“We’re so thrilled to be working with Keds, and we each have our favorite style,” said Lauren Armstrong. “I love the geo stripe paired with skinny white jeans or a black PARTYSKIRT, and Mariel loves the Dalmatian paired with the Dalmatian print PARTYSKIRT for the full look.”

Keds believes looking good is all about feeling good, and the PARTYSKIRTS brand essences definitely captures that spirit.

The collection is now available at Hudson’s Bay stores and TheBay.com for $60.