Discover the best Japanese restaurant downtown Montreal


If you are about to eat fish after spending the last six years without any in your diet, you better pick the right restaurant to fully enjoy the moment. It is exactly what happened a few weeks ago, when my friend and I decided to visit Ryu on Peel street. After hearing amazing reviews around us, we were more than excited to finally give it a go. The first thing we notice upon our arrival is how clean and modern everything look. Forget the oversized and tacky fishthanks and say hello to sleek decor in a warm atmosphere.

After being greeted by the wonderful Mark, we make our way to our place at the counter where we can watch the cooks in action. It’s pretty obvious at first glance that they are more than skilled at what they are doing. The fish they use is extremely fresh, being 100% sources from sustainable fishing. We decide to let the chef pick for us our meal, while munching on some fresh sesame edamame.



What follows is a veritable feast, that totally deserves to be savored slowly and with a lot of pleasure. From the salmon sashimi with ponzu sauce to the assortment of nigiris – albacore, salmon and Hamachi, just to name a few- we can’t help but being seduced by every bite we take. It’s totally metling in our mouths and I catch myself closing my eyes from pleasure. Unlike many sushi places where you have to drown your food into soy sauce or wasabi to add a little kick to it, what you eat at Ryu is already perfectly balanced and doesn’t need to get its flavors enhanced.

 Takeout  is also a big part of this Peel restaurant, especially with its bento box design custom made that are a great option for a fancy and delicious meal on the go.

– Ryú is located at 1468 Peel Street