The 15th edition of Sainte Justine’s Ball taking place at Le Windsor in Montreal was a total hit!


Oh my. Where do I start?

Last night, Mayillah and I ended up at the kind of event where you find yourself dancing to some TLC rythms while sipping whiskey surrounded by beautiful people. The kind of night where you totally forget that you were supposed to leave at midnight—is it really 2:30AM already?—and where you start taking blurry selfies that you will most likely delete the day after. All of this because my job as a lifestyle editor allows me to cover this fun event for a really good cause. Yes, sometimes life can be great.

The main purpose of last night’s event was to raise money for the CHU Sainte Justine foundation, they were aiming to collect $150, 000. The ball, which was celebrating its 15th anniversary, was planned and organized voluntarily by the Young Leaders Circle under the suppervision of Marie-Eve Desrochers (also a PR guru at Dulcedo Management). The ball was such a success that they raised $210, 000, way more than their initial objective.

All night, you could see the crowd having a total blast, dancing and singing to pop hits from the last decade. Speaking of the crowd, it was a great mix of fashion models—aka very tall people—members of Montreal’s artistic community, and young professionals, giving the overall impression that the most stylish people in town decided to gather together for the occasion.

Since I know you are here to scroll through the pictures looking to spot yourself , we all do it,  I will stop here and let you enjoy the best moments of the night.

Photos credit: Jennifer-Lynn Christie





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