One of the things I like about a new year is the perspective of all those shows that I will be able to see all year long. Montreal is well known for its musical scene.

Looking at Evenko’s schedule for next months, it seems like every musical soul will find its kick this year.

Starting with the world famous band Fleetwood Mac, making a comeback this year with its five original members. Critics are raving about this North American tour claiming that it doesn’t seem like any time has passed since their first album. This is also the big return of Christine McVie, the keyboardist of the band who left 16 years ago to focus on her family. Prepare yourself to sing at the top of your lungs successes like Dreams and Go Your Own Way!

One my personal favorites, singer Father John Misty (Joshua Tillman, ex Fleet Foxes) will also perform this winter at the Virgin Mobile Corona Theatre. Charismatic and arrogant (just enough), his presence on stage is hypnotic. With lyrics about heartbreaks and life struggles, his songs will reach every beautifully depressed human soul in the crowd.

On the folk side, Swedish singer Jose Gonzalez will stop by in April to let the public discover previews of his upcoming album. His trademark sound punctuated by classical guitar and vocal melodies is the perfect mix to go along with Gonzalez literal influences. Even if the name doesn’t ring a bell, you probably already heard his song Hearbeats.

You can buy tickets here!

Fleetwood Mac – Bell Center- February 5
Father John Misty- Corona- February 16
Jose Gonzalez – Corona – April 12



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