Haircare is one of those things that sometimes you have to agree to disagree on. Between drugstores and salons, all filled to the brim with a daunting array of products, it becomes a lifelong search for the ideal shampoo and conditioner duo (not to mention hydrating masks and styling products). It was just our luck to be swamped with four new lines of haircare for parched hair. With three heads of blonde, highlighted and bleached locks finding themselves at the bitter end of a harsh winter, it seemed like we were in luck to start our own Shampoo Club. With different needs: sensitive scalp, fine and limp hair, thick and coloured, we were the perfect trio to try them all out! After each wash we rotated four brands, not to mention a few hair masks for added fun.

By Eva Bilinska


So let’s get on with the reviews:


Mark Anthony Coconut Oil & Shea Butter
All three of us agreed on this quite excellent line. We all loved the summery smell of coconut which lingered on, and while the shampoo is gentle and sulfate-free, it still manages to satisfy the secret foam addict in all of us. The conditioner left hair smooth and untangled, and the Treatment/Finishing oil added shine and kept our ends soft and tangle free. It’s a really well rounded line as it manages to both hydrate fine hair without making it heavy, while keeping thicker hair well hydrated.


L’Oréal Paris Oléo Therapy
Second up on the list was the new oil-infused haircare line. You should be warned that it does look and feel like oil initially, and one of us wasn’t very much into it’s texture. It did however end up doing a good job, the scent is very discreet so if you’re not big on perfume-y products, it’s a great choice. The conditioner is not as rich, a good thing if you have fine hair. The line also features a mask and a hot-oil treatment. We really liked the novelty of the treatment, which is self-heating, so you can make your own hair spa at home and let it hydrate your ends and your scalp.


Pantene Pro-V Damage Detox
Pantene has added a new technology to all of its products: a special antioxidant that captures the copper in tap water. We already knew that it turned bleached hair green, but according to Pantene’s research team, it’s also responsible for most of the damage and split ends that coloured hair has to endure—not to mention that it’s probably the second best thing to having a water filter on your shower nozzle (yes, they do exist!). The shampoo does contain sulfates, so if you’re looking to avoid something potentially harsh, then you should skip it, but there is also a conditioner and a hair treatment that are good options to add to your routine. One of us is a Pantene fan and she really loved it, it was the main shampoo/conditioner combo she used over the two week period we tried out shampoos and she did notice that her hair was in much better condition.


Aveda Dry Remedy
Our final line of haircare is really meant for very dry hair. The shampoo is not foaming, but it does clean hair—in a unusual way—but make sure you rinse it out well: as it can cling like a conditioner. If you read the ingredients it contains a lot of essential oils combined with Shea butter and coconut oil. The whole line would be ideal for curly and frizzy, or very processed hair, or enven African-American hair. The only throwback for the Dry Remedy line is the herb scent; two out of three thought it was quite strong, but the results were amazing!

We also tried three masks, it was hard to pick a clear winner as our individual choices depended much more on scent and texture than the results, which were all fabulous. If you are looking for a great mask at a lower price point you can try Macademia Oil‘s Hair Mask, which tied with Marc Anthony‘s Macadamia Nut Oil Treatment. The only drawback to the Mark Anthony formula is that it comes in plastic pouches that look like samples, and you can get two to three treatments from one, depending on how much hair you have. We also loved the Moroccanoil Hydrating Mask and the fact that argan oil is actually the third ingredient on the list.