Starting November 21st to December 12th, the Phi Centre will play host to John Londoño’s portrait exhabition in collaboration with M for Montreal.

Londoño is a renowned photographer who has photographed many famous faces along with advertising campaigns. He is also a regular collaborator of Dress To Kill Magazine, and I might still not be over how stunning his shoot with Kandle for our last winter issue was.

Putting the spotlight on international artists who have stopped by Montreal in recent years–from Beck to The Kills–these series of photos show the strong connection that can sometimes manifest between the photographer and their subject.

Looking at the pictures, you get the impression you are witnessing an intimate moment that was not meant to be seen. Shot quickly near concert locations and even backstage, these photos are  quite the opposite of the often elaborate and lavish photo sessions we see all too frequently.

Of course, you cannot talk about that exposition without mentioning Grimes. Londoño is one of the first to photograph the Canadian singer/songwriter, way before Vogue and other high-profile magazines began covering the singers persona. Londoño  saw something that fascinated him and decided to start collaborating with her. It might be what explains his success, the capacity to recognize something special in artists before they get their big break.

The exhibition will run from November 20th to December 12th, at Phi Centre. Free entry.