Approximately a 90 minutes of drive of Bordeaux airport, there is a 17th Century French manor, only open for select guests, as unique as the brand it celebrates. Purchased in 2013 by Grey Goose, Le Logis is an impressive property surrounded by grapevines, located in Julliac le Coq. Once you pass the entrance gate, your first glaze is the stone structure of the building and you are immediately captivated by its towers which give a magical yet sophisticated feel to the manor. If you are lucky enough to receive an invitation to spend some time there, you can feel confident that your stay at Le Logis is going to be one of a kind.


Stepping inside Le Logis is like having a privileged access into a world all its own, where everything reminds you that you have entered “pure premium vodka” territory. From the 14 elegant bedrooms, to the charming kitchen and the luxurious pool emblazoned with the brand’s signature flying fowl, everything is so perfectly “Grey Goose” branded, that you can’t help but feeling automatically captivated by this French vodka and its universe. The feeling of now belonging to a new kind of family grows stronger as you encounter François Thibault, Cellar Master and the one who developed the recipe for the Grey Goose Vodka.

As he takes you on a tour around Le Logis, you can feel within his voice his happiness and pride he is to welcome you into this exclusive place. “The first two years, the manor didn’t belong to us and we were staying there to receive our guests of prestige. After a while, the owner told us he had a problem with our visitors: they never wanted to leave. We quickly realized we had to buy the place to make it officially our own. We kept the soul of the historical building, but we transformed the inside with a younger and more modern vibe to represent everything Grey Goose is about” explains François.

And it works! From the time you spend enjoying cocktails like Le Grand Fizz in the barbecue area along with hiding from the sun under a centuries-old mulberry tree or taking part in a caviar tasting, you can feel the true essence of Grey Goose unveiling in front of your eyes and making its (boozy) way into your mind. You find yourself becoming instinctively more curious about the brand and wanting to explore all you can about it. As Thibault’s guest at Le Logis, you are lucky enough to be at the epitome of everything celebrating the ultimate vodka.



They are many activities available to keep you occupied. If you are not into sipping vodka based cocktails all day long, perhaps try cycling on a vintage bike through the countryside, playing pétanque or relaxing in the lounge area while reading a book. The highlight of a stay at Le Logis for every spirit lover is definitely the mixology room, where you can find a dream bar decked out with shelves of rare liquors for creative mixing sessions. It is also the place where you can have the pleasure of testing many delicious cocktail creations by the talented in house bartenders. They might even let you try some of the rare bottles…if you ask nicely.

There is something truly beautiful about their attention in keeping their product as French as possible, especially regarding how the wheat for their vodka is blend in Cognac with the water from the region before being bottled. It is very important for François Thibault that all the ingredients contributing to the creation of the unique spirit Grey Goose are from the highest quality along with being native to France. It is that kind of dedication and attention to detail that made it possible for a region that used to be renowned for its other spirits, to gain fame for its vodka. Bien joué.



How to Make It

1. Build in an oversized cabernet wine glass with lots of ice. Add Grey GooseVodka and St-Germain.

2. Squeeze fresh lime and discard. Top with chilled soda water.

3. Stir and garnish with fresh lime wedges.