The day I fell in love with brunch.


Everytime I hear the word “brunch”, the first thing that pops in my mind is that episode of Portlandia revisiting in a very clever way our general obsession with every meal that includes french toast and mulberry pancakes.


Don’t get me wrong, I like to indulge in delicious food over the weekend while sipping one or two mimosas, but you will never ever caught me waiting in line outside for more than 5 minutes. I am all about living a real foodie experience, but I don’t want to have to go through a watered down version of the Hunger Games to fill my stomach. Also, who are these people who have enough energy to leave their bed before 10:00 AM on a Sunday? I prefer to stay in bed doing the burrito until scandalously late, thank you very much.



When I received an invitation to try the new brunch menu at La Société – a french bistro specialized in oysters and champagne -I decided it was about time I do my duty as a lifestyle journalist living in the metropole and cheat on my comfy sheets to enjoy a proper meal before noon. I asked my friend Marina to join me for this adventure and it’s together that we arrived at the restaurant, ready to be seduced by a tasty -and maybe life changing-  brunch experience.

The first thing that I noticed while glancing at their menu was their extended selection of cocktails. From the Moulin Rouge (gin, strawberry simple syrup, lemon juice, Prosecco) to the classic espresso martini, we had the option to say goodbye forever to the basic mix of orange juice and bubbly. Feeling pretty exotic that day, we both decided to start with the Marrakech Mimosa (middle eastern bitters, rose water, fresh pressed orange juice, Prosecco float). It was quite refreshing and I was glad that the rose water wasn’t overpowering the drink to the point of masking the interesting taste of the bitters.



Since alcohol in itself is not considered a proper meal, I decided to try their Belgian waffles, while my friend went for the Continental breakfast. Even if you can’t really messed up waffles (except that time I tried to make vegan, gluten free ones), I have to say that I was more than satisfied with my choice. They were crispy and not too sweet – some restaurants should take note- giving me even more reasons to indulge on the syrup and fresh fruits. My friend’s plate could have sustained her for the rest of the day, filled with delicious and bigger than her face chocolatine and croissant.

We left the restaurant the stomach filled with delicious food and excited to come back for another visit! Yes, I can now declare that I am a lady who likes to brunch.

-La Société Montreal, 1415 Mountain St.



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