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SHAN - Dix 30

SHAN - Dix 30

Stéphane Le Duc & Jean-François Sigouin

SHAN - Dix 30

Chantal Lévesque

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CL-Monic Richard-06-2015

Shan has definitively established itself as a major luxury brand in the field of swimsuits and beachwear both in Canada and internationally. Not only can we find their products in great canadian cities like Toronto and Montreal, but also in prestigious retailers abroad, such as Le Printemps in Paris, Saks in New York, Harrods in London and Moscow’s TsUm. The company started a new chapter in their global expansion by opening a brand new boutique in the Quartier Dix30 in Brossard. They are also planning their next venture, which will soon take place in the famous Hamptons area, a popular weekend spot attracting New York’s high society and fashion elite. The company wants to develop a franchises network, and as stated by the Vice-President Jean-François Sigouin: “We want to work with partners. People who love the brand, understand it and have at heart the spirit of Shan, while ensuring a development that respects our image.” At this occasion, we also had the chance to discover the latest collection for 2014, which will surely make swoon even the hard to please clients, whose tastes vary greatly in every country. The designer and president Chantal Lévesque is always on the look out for new colours, new prints and most of all impeccable cuts that flatter the figure, never compromising on the production. Her inspirations come as much of the ‘80s, to animal prints, more graphics shapes, even flower gardens. Shan’s men’s swimsuits come in different colours, and prints inspired by ‘60s menswear. “It’s always exciting to start a new collection. I love every piece I create. They are the result of a long reflection, several discussions and a share of intuition. It is great to imagine new modes and avenues. I always try to keep in mind an aroma…” Chantal Lévesque is one of those women who is always looking forward, and she is evidently headed for major success!