Get ready for the best night of your summer!

I have to start by saying that I have a particular relationship with Grey Goose.  It was the first Vodka I bought as a “grown up”, and the brand I picked to create my own (terribly bad) take on a dry martini when I tried to impress my crush at the time. As a Lifestyle Director, one of the first memorable parties I attended was organized by the brand in the garden of a beautiful mansion in Montreal, where you could casually play mini golf next to a horse. I’ve always admire the passion and determination of Grey Goose’s founder François Thibault, and this admiration only grew stronger when I had the chance to meet him in person a few weeks ago. Of course, when I got the invitation to attend their next big happening in the city, I didn’t think twice before confirming my presence.

Under the theme”Sunset Soirée”, this year’s edition of the event already promises to deliver its share of wow factor and “hold my drink so I can pinch myself” moments. Taking place June 27  at  the private club The Forest & Stream in Dorval, the celebration of everything Grey Goose invites you to  “to join Grey Goose Brand Ambassador, Guillaume Jubien and Parisian Chef, Justin Kent for an extraordinary French Picnic Dinner inspired by the finest French ingredients and the World’s Best Tasting Vodka.” In other words, it is your chance to experience a foodie’s dream while sipping delicious cocktails as a guest of the most fabulous picnic of the summer. I am sure you can even wear this crazy hat you bought once, fancying that kind of event (don’t lie, I know you have one).

Luckily for you, there are still some tickets available, that you can purchase here. While waiting for June 27, you can get into the perfect Grey Goose’s spirit by trying to recreate one of their signature drinks at home.

Le Grand Fizz

1 ½ parts Grey Goose Vodka
1 part St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur
 1/2 part Freshly Squeezed Lime (Approx. Half A Lime)
 3 wedges Fresh Lime
2 parts Chilled Soda Water
Build in an oversized cabernet wine glass with lots of ice.
Add Grey Goose Vodka and St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur
Then squeeze fresh lime and discard.
Top with chilled soda water
Stir and garnish with lime wedges and a Grey Goose stirrer