Tavan & Mitto

Designer Duo: Tavãn & Mitto

We met up in their boutique/workshop located on Saint-Laurent boulevard in Montréal. While sipping their espressos, Payam Tavan and Mike Mitto reflect on the notion of love, the day's topic. "Love of women," they sigh in the same voice. "What can you do," explains Tavan, "we love women! It's for them that we design. There's a reason why we installed our workshop above the store: we wanted to be able to observe our clientele when they first come in so that we can get a feel for their energy and find what they're looking for. To see them evolve is a source of constant inspiration."
Poster World

Poster World

In the span of a quarter century, Publicité Sauvage placarded 40,000 cultural advertising signs on walls: kilometers of posters in varied styles that have refashioned the heart of Montreal day after day, spreading it in a vibrant graphic urban horizon. The posters are the voices of artists, whether underground or not. They stand as extraordinary testaments of the cultural and social life of Montreal, they show-case a wide array of ideas, from the big-bang creative moment in the ‘80s all the way till now. To celebrate 25 (and a half!) years of life, Publicité Sauvage has decided to showcase their most memorable posters across 15 emblematic places.
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Canadian Designers: Paprika

While some epitomize creative liberty, others praise pressure as a source of creativity. “Pressure allows the designer to travel to unfamiliar territory; it’s often a positive influence on their work,” says Louis Gagnon, creative director and co-founder of Paprika.