Come as you are

Clean, modern, fresh: minimalism is at its best. Grunge aesthetic and modern line bring out an understated elegance reminiscent of the 90s. Featuring five new faces we have casted for this issue.


Equal parts the seductress and the dominatrix, red lace and black leather form a darkly sweet mélange. Every rose has its thorns.


If God is in the details, so too is style. From intricate lace, to appliqué to beading, exquisite embellishments create a playground for the senses. Complementing sleek silhouettes, texture and bold colour take control.
Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction

Opulent femininity, sexy and dangerous curves, you can forget about the less is more philosophy. If to be a woman means to be “generous” then some women have more than enough for the excesses of luxury. What item of clothing hugs and celebrates the body more than fine lingerie.
Martin Lim

Designer Duo: Martin Lim

Danielle Martin and Pao Lim fused their two family names to launch their very own label. It's a definite sign of boundless love. "The night that we met, Pao had bleach blonde hair and I was wearing a wig that I'd bought in the Patricia Fields boutique in NYC, the stylist from Sex and the City," confides Danielle Martin, who at the time was a young fashion enthusiast fresh out of Cégep. "Danielle told me, "You have nice hair, you know!" And that's how it all started," adds Pao Lim, who was then himself just finishing a bachelors degree in psychical activity and sports science. "That's where he gets his sport/chic inspiration from," jokes Martin.
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Designer New Wave// Valerie Dumaine

A graduate of Montreal’s LaSalle College in 1997, Valérie Dumaine started her career as an illustrator, pattern maker, and designer for various companies in Montreal. After a stint in England alongside designer Gail McConaghie, she made her way to Berlin to soak up the underground spirit of the renowned German city...