In anticipation of the new Chanel fragrance CHANCE DU TENDRE, the infamous Maison has revealed the new tantalizing ad campaign.

To mark the launch, Chanel advanced their long withstanding collaboration with director and photographer Jean-Paul Goude, who first began working with Chanel in 1990, having created the film Égoïste, Chanel No.5, Chanel High Jewlery collections, and more.

Goude poured all of his creativity into the campaign concept and called upon select talents to bring the concept of “the audition” to life. Choreographer Ryan Heffington and musician Sam Spiegel shared the vision and art of mixing genres, cultures, and movements. The end result: a short danced and filmed act evoking a playful and feminine aesthetic with a dashes of classical culture and hip hop.  A whirlwind of dancers, singers, and organized chaotic movements unify and explode in sensual, colourful style. The spontaneity of the fragrance shines through and the philosophy of ‘take a chance’ is whispered repeatedly in the background.

The scent created by perfumer Olivier Polge together with the Chanel Laboratory of fragrance Creation and Development is floral-fruity, radiating feminine confidence and tenderness.


The Chance Campaign debuts January 4, 2019.