Since fashion is all about risks and pushing the boundaries of what people think is the norm, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a brand, well known for its perfectly fitted suits, decided to launch a second line way more rock and roll. And of course, it was a huge success.


Founded in 1903, Tiger of Sweden has reached over the years an enviable reputation as a stylish leader on the fashion market offering trendy suits for the young and hip.  In 2000, they decided to expand the brand by launching Tiger of Sweden Jeans, which can be described as the rebel young sister of the company. To get a deeper understanding of the artistic direction of the line, we sat down with its creative director Fredrik Folkesson, traveling especially from Sweden to meet the Canadian journalists at the brand’s main store in Montreal.


How everything started

“I started at the company 10 years ago as a buyer. At the time, let’s say the Tiger Jeans concept was not really on its own and was more integrated with the suits. Which is not necessarily bad but it didn’t really had a life on its own. So we decided to make something different out of it. Already having knowledge of the denim, it came out quite naturally for me when the job opening presented itself.”


“It was evident that we needed to make some changes. At that time we were quite small so they were pretty opened to new ideas. This is something that has always been great with the company. We were simply trying to make those things happen, to move forward.”


We always talk about dressing up the rock stars, not the cowboys.”  -Fredrik Folkesson



How to deal with success

“Working with such an established brand is not a lot of pressure, but it is actually an advantage and something that I can develop from. In a way, trying to make the denim line happen out of Tiger was a great challenge, because the denim industry is very important for Swedish people. They know their denim and what makes it great! Whoever, having the brand backing us made it easier in on another perspective because stores knew us and they knew we were reliable.”


“The pressure comes more from me rather than the brand itself. It’s always important to move forward in the industry and that is the key of the success. You can make a very nice collection that sells really well and still be already excited about the idea of the upcoming collection.”



About finding inspiration

“For the latest collection, Swedish Darkness, the vibe is kinda negative, but in the end it’s all about something really strong and rock and roll. We always talk about dressing up the rock stars, not the cowboys. It’s very inspired from music, of course. Music is one of my main influences when it is time to create a new line. At the moment, I am listening to old Swedish bands, something that probably no one in Canada is listening too (laughs).




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