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We love everything skin around here—new foundations, novelty bath scents, you name it. Our absolute favourite skincare though? Anything moisture-inducing. Pai is a UK-based cult botanical brand that is heaven-sent for sensitive skin. Their all-organic, vegan products are completely free of parabens. We chatted with Pai founder, Sarah Brown, about moisture—tidbit: guess what is Natalie Portman’s favourite moisturizer?  Pai’s Chamomile and Rosehip Sensitive Skin Cream!

Here is Sarah Brown’s Guide to Moisturizing:

While most people know the importance of moisturizing, few recognize how important it is to  match your moisturizer to your skin type. All our products are suitable for sensitive skin, and at [Pai] we understand that it can come in various types—whether dry or oily, youthful or mature.

As well as keeping the skin well-hydrated, the right moisturizer can also help maintain a clear, even, smooth and radiant complexion.

Carefully selected botanical extracts tailor each moisturizer to the needs of a specific skin type, providing just the right level of hydration to keep skin in balance all day long.

Remember: dry skin and dehydrated skin have different requirements. If you have dry skin (patchy or flaky), upgrade to a Moisturizer with richer, more conditioning oils. If you have dehydrated skin (tight or lackluster), stick to your regular moisturizer but apply it more often.

Like the rest of the range, all our moisturizers are certified organic by the Soil Association—so you can guarantee they contain only the purest, best quality and most effective ingredients.

  • A key benefit of organic moisturizers is the way the natural active oils are instantly absorbed by the skin. Rather than interfering with it, they help to gently restore skin to its natural balance.
  • Top Tip: always apply your moisturize to slightly damp skin—that way you use less, and the light layer helps carry the cream deeper into the skin for long-lasting hydration.

For more tips, or to find out more about living organic, visit Sarah’s blog here.

— Jenn Ng
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