Time to rediscover one of the greatest neighborhoods in Montreal.

I used to think that Old Montreal was a tacky destination only good for tourists and couples. This was before I began noticing the gorgeous new restaurants and boutiques flourishing on Saint-Paul and Notre-Dame Street. It is now one of my go-to areas of the city when it comes time to eat in good company or shop for high-end brands.




90 Rue Saint Paul Ouest

Well known for their impressive website carrying the best of high-end brands, SSENSE is one boutique on Saint Paul Street that is not to be missed. This boutique is truly a fashionista’s dream,  you might lose your calm over their wide selection of Comme des Garçons and Saint Laurent items. Please don’t push anyone while carrying on your shopping spree; they have more than enough clothes and accesories to satisfy your stylish needs.



Bevo Bar + Pizzeria

410 Rue Saint Vincent

A modern take on traditional Italian cuisine is either a hit or miss. When a place gets it right, it becomes the type of restaurant you just can’t stop going back to. This is the case with Bevo, their tasty wood oven pizzas served in a friendly and cozy atmosphere make it a must-eat destination. Their pizza crust is gold and crispy while the seasoning and toppings are fresh and delicious. Don’t forget to check out their great wine selection to start off your night.



Taverne Gaspar

89 Rue de la Commune Est

Gastropubs have been around for quite some time, but only in the past couple of years have they regained major popularity with the foodies. Located in a former 19th century warehouse, Taverne Gaspar is exactly what a great gastropub is all about. Their take on classic cocktails – especially the Collins gin-based drink garnished with cucumbers – is impressive.  In case you were wondering, they serve breakfast, lunch, and supper with a huge selection of pub food like you’ve never tasted before. This is the place to bring  some guests visiting Montreal or for a great night out with your friends.



Cahier d’Exercices

369 Saint Paul Ouest

This boutique has everything except boring clothes. Cahier d’Exercices offers an eclectic and avant garde mix of both well known and up-and-coming designers. e Cahier d’Exercises is the type of place where the wardrobe you buy will make you look and feel like a fashion editor, one whose style would be all over your Pinterest board.



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