This had to be Karl Lagerfeld’s last collection: 64 pieces that required countless hours of craftsmanship and technical feats inspired from a cherished era.

The latest CHANEL collection was inspired by the 18th century, an era where fashion was taking the center stage of the high society. It’s no surprise that Lagerfeld felt extremely enthused by the cuts, details, and styles of this glorious time, one that appeared to be his favorite recall of the French savoir-faire.

I learned that Karl Lagerfeld designs the decor of the collection first. The couture show was held at the Grand Palais, shining in the magnificence of what appeared to be the sunniest day on earth. The collection, La Villa, was presented to a selected group of buyers, clientele, and media. We salute his vision, and we thank him for his passion and his eye for beauty that kept poetry, tradition, culture, and, in this case, his dream alive.

The decor had the bluest sky I’ve ever seen, and it did, in fact, look like paradise.