If by a night of total boredom you end up scrolling through my Instagram profile (sorry for the many selfies), the first thing that you’ll probably notice is the crazy amount of #foodpics I post in a week. As part of the life of a lifestyle writer, my very difficult job is to try all the new eateries in town along with forever eating cold plates in the pursuit of the perfect photo. It also means that I am now very picky when comes the time to choosing which places make the cut and deserved another visit.

The following places are the ones you definitely need to add on your list for your next night out!



Forget the sketchy place that serves you dumplings on a plastic table mat. Jiao is all about offering you tasty food in a classy decor. Behind the new place, you can find nightlife owls Tongue Bui and Olivier Berkani from École Privée and Phoenix1, which explains the overall trendy vibe of the perfect place in the Old Port. On the menu, you can choose from different variations on dim sum, dumplings, and seafood, and even try a 100$ Louis XIII Remy Martin infused dumpling if you feel like it. The food is beautifully  plated and the flavors are surprising, allowing the quality of ingredients to shine through the dishes. Regarding the cocktails, I was not impressed with the first one I had and ended up preferring the one my friend ordered. It’s okay, it simply means that their drink list will appeal to everyone.




Goodbye Thazard as an izakaya and say hello to the new version that gives strong “Asian tavern” vibes thanks to Edward Zaki (from Chez Victoire). The space has had a few renovations and is now more of an open space with an interesting decor with elements that could almost be qualified of “steam punk.” For starters, you can try different varieties of gyozas that are truly delicious but I strongly suggest that you also order the Yakida oysters that are a total show-stealer. Don’t skip their green papaya slaw, and please, save some room for their impressive Sea Bream (that you’ll probably start eating as soon as the plate appears on the table). Their cocktails are on the sweet side (not a preference of mine), but propose an interesting selection of tequila-based cocktails like the Smokey Sicario. It’s a must stop if you are in the neighborhood and looking for something different.


This new place in Quartier des Musées (which was definitely lacking interesting eateries) focuses on French fine dining takes you straight to the future with a funny robot bartender (R1-B1) that serves cocktails, wine and champagne at the first-floor lounge. Beside serving drinks, this futuristic bartender also interacts with clients as a truly one-of-a-kind entertainment. But no worries if you prefer a regular bar experience, they also have human bartenders that are highly-qualified to make you amazing cocktails, and by amazing I mean. “Please. can have another one right away?” kind of drink. At the media event I attended, most of the guests were trying to find an excuse to go back downstairs to sip on another Bunny’s Gimlet (Campari, Aquavit, and carrot cordial).

As for the food, some dishes were a hit or miss regarding the tables, which might be explained by the volume of media present that night. Thankfully, I went right back the night after and had a total different experience.  The meals, created by chef Joris Larigaldie, were perfectly full of flavour and perfectly balanced. Give the place some time to find its rhythm, and it will definitely become one of your go-to places in the neighbourhood.