In this day and age where every meal we order has to be pretty enough to join the many food photos on our Instagram feed, the old saying that we eat first with our eyes has never been more accurate.


I am a little bit ashamed of writting this down, but I have, on many occasions, found myself snobbing restaurants serving delicious meals because their decor wasn’t pleasant enough or the way they were presenting their food wasn’t visually exciting. But I am not the only one. The facts are, we are now living in an Instagram world where we believe our food tastes better if we can enjoy it in a pastel decor.

Call us bougie millennials or even superficials (some would say they both pretty much mean the same), but we are a new generation of customers that is not satisfied with simply eating its food anymore. We want the whole damn experience and even better if we can share it with all our followers.

The following places not only make great dishes, but also guarantee you great photos.


Livia Matcha


A couple of years ago, the mention of matcha would have been met with blank stares. Today, it almost inspires a cult following. Jumping on the the trend, Montreal’s has now its first-ever matcha bar located inside RYU on Saint-Catherine west. Livia Matcha offers different varieties of matcha beverages, green teas, and coffees, along with matcha-based food and we are totally here for it! I mean, why have plain waffles when you can have crispy matcha waffles with homemade jam and pumpkin seeds? They also serve “superfood” drinks, such as turmeric-spiked golden tea or beet drinks, along with açai bowls, poke bowls with a spin, and salads.

The place has an inviting atmosphere with an earthy feel, thanks to the woody space designed by MRDK, a Montreal-based firm that is also behind the design of other trendy restaurants such as Miss Wong. Above, hanging gardens outline the two large skylights adding plant life and filtering the light.

With winter around the corner Livia Matcha is giving us the Cali vibes we are craving.


Pastel Rita



We know you can’t scroll an inch these days without seeing a blush wall, a nude red carpet gown, or an impossibly pink nature shot. Hence, the all-pink interior of Pietro Nolita in New York, the Gallery at Sketch London and Vestibule newest lifestyle boutique on Boulevard Saint-Laurent. You can now add Pastel Rita to the list of millennial pink restaurants exploding on your feed. The place spans 1,500 square feet (139 square metres) and comprises a cafe, a boutique and an artisans’ workshop.

You stop there for an Americano at 3PM and decide to stay a little bit longer to try one of their natural wines (true story). Definitely a must stop next time you are in the Mile-End and looking for a trendy little gem with a laid back vibe.




To everyone who listens, I can’t help but explain with way too many details why Verdun is the next hip neighborhood and a true foodie paradise. Thanks to the opening of Well (for Wellington, the street it’s on) Restaurant over a year ago, people might start to finally realize I was right all along. The place is a friendly and welcoming restaurant, offering both comforting and perfectly plated food. Well delivers the classic brunch options with  upscale twists like bone marrow with eggs, fried chicken sandwich with avocado and a fried egg on top (called the Pablo) , ricotta pancakes with bacon, bacon (or pulled pork) and eggs breakfast poutine, smoothies and a few alcoholic beverages.

The trendy-looking bright SHARP sign in one corner is almost begging you to snap a photo for your feed, while you wait for your plate. The green plants disposed a little bit everywhere in the restaurant add a lively element to the minimalist decor of the place.