It may be a small country, but Britain has asserted its position in history as one of the most influential. It is the country of Shakespeare, the Beatles, Harry Potter, David Beckham. We often overlook it’s influence on today’s culture, as the United States often overpowers, however from the royal courts of Queen Elizabeth I to the prep school kits worn at Eton to the underground punk scene still beating in the heart of London, the realm of British influence is as broad as it is relevant. Now that their biggest fall fashion event has passed, we’re bringing you up to speed with the shows that stole the spotlight.



VB’s evolution from Spice Girl to sophisticate was as swift as it was impressive, as the star has built a world-renowned brand over the past decade. She’s polished her skills and styles over her tenure at New York Fashion Week and made her debut in her home country with grown-up elegance, a hint of edginess, and a massive amount of confidence. Using 47-year old veteran model Stella Tennant to open the show, the 10thanniversary of VB’s brand and transfer to London has solidified her spot in the luxury category, creating a well-deserved buzz around her collection this season.


PORTS 1961


The crisp air of autumn has fallen upon us once again, but that doesn’t mean we’ve given up our summer nostalgia in exchange for our parkas just yet. Ports 1961 presented an easy-living mood at their latest Spring/Summer 19 show through impeccable tailoring, laid-back trimmings, and slouchy trousers that instilled a sense of ease amidst the chaos that is fashion week.




It’s been a decade of blow-up, see-through, 3D, florals and foam finishings, but it is only the beginning for Mary Katranzou. The Greek designer has become a critical darling for her innovative, maximalist designs that push the boundaries of style. Her new collections blends together challenging techniques with silhouettes her team loves, shining a spotlight on everything Katranzou has learned from her years at Central Saint Martins and in the business as an independent label. As an ode to her 10thanniversary, the new body of work draws upon her previous pieces as resources to reflect upon and rework into cutting-edge styles. It’s hard not to look at each model and feel inspired.




Polish-born, London-based millennial Marta Jakubowski is fresh out of school and ready to pave her way to becoming a part of the top tiers of fashion designers. This season, her work sets out to reclaim the effervescence of 2000s teenage summers, drawing upon party clothes, cut-outs, capri pants, and camisoles.




Headscarves, tall-bucket boots, and billowing-sleeved shirts paraded down JW Anderson’s runway for his SS19 show, a confident stream of powerful feminine energy that amalgamated what bohemian style means in 2019. Long flowing silhouettes, layers of crochet and scallops, and light-weight fabrics inspired a delicate collection for Anderson, who typically gravitates towards androgyny.




The House of Holland doesn’t pretend to exist in a fantasy land: they’re down the block on the high street, they’re beside your favourite bar, they’re your neighbour. Designer Henry Holland continues to create a vision of young professional women on the go. The HoH girl has a place to go, people to see. She’s doing her makeup on the metro, she’s leaving her house dressed for the office AND drinks with friends. His show opened with a punch of neon (orange IS the new black – or white since it’s spring/summer) and provided an explosion of youthful energy, a sense of humour, and the sense of style you’d want your new BFF to have.




Socialites are a regular in the frow, but this time, one of the most recognized faces was hiding behind the scenes. British It Girl Alexa Chung launched her namesake label in 2017 and finally made her LFW debut with her SS19 collection. The latest installment to her line was inspired by what people wear on the go, from “Dublin to Athens and Bristol to Palma,” her show notes explained. Complete with aviation-inspired jumpsuits, rain-ready jackets and lots of tailored pieces, Chung’s designs are certainly summer-ready with influencers in mind.