Record-shattering temps, wicked winds, and crazy dry indoor air make for a recipe for disaster when it comes to the epidermis. The elements keep wreaking havoc on your poor skin and turn your lips & hands into the Sahara Desert. Here are some delightful new products to pamper yourself with until the snow melts, along with a few hand-picked, unctuous findings that will winter-proof your skin and lock in the moisture – for good.


By: Christine Elizabeth Laprade


GrenzCine skincare line by Vivier

Anyone who lives in Canada and has gone for laser treatments, to see a dermatologist or has visited a medi-spa has most likely come across some of the premium pharmaceutical’s skincare products. When I went to my dermatologist’s office and wanted to get rid of my brown spots, I was given a vitamin C serum by Vivier. When I went for an aggressive laser treatment, I was provided with the very same vitamin C serum! Needless to say, I was intrigued and looked up the manufacturer online. Turns out Vivier hails from Montreal, Quebec, and that their C E peptides serum put them on the map. GrenzCine (pronounced Grenz-seenis touted as no less than a breakthrough in the beauty industry (up there with similar potent power players, such as retinol and vitamin C). The entire line boasts patented formulas that, over time, act in synergy to thicken the skin and improve its elasticity, while also making it luminous. The serum with slow-release is specifically formulated for aging skin (we are talking to you, sun lovers) or those about to undergo irritating facial treatments such as microdermabrasion, microneedling or those who regularly use retinoids.

An absolute fan-favourite and supported by no less than 30 years of research by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Ken Dolynchuk, the line repairs damaged DNA cells (goodbye, premature aging!), promotes collagen growth, and works both from the inside and the outside. A dream come true. Psst: for the ultimate head-to-toe anti-aging arsenal, check out GrenzCine Body (which retails for approximately $285). Find your local clinic and authorized online reseller here.



Baume Noir Eyes by Nannette de Gaspé

The stylish, high-octane female entrepreneur strikes again! After her rise to fame, thanks to her groundbreaking dry sheets making headlines all over the world, the cutting edge pioneer started focusing on potent delivery systems, luxury ingredients, and youth revealing skincare. Not only is the Art of Noir line aesthetically striking, but the velvety textures and delicate aromas never disappoint! The nec-plus-ultra of sheer indulgence, the brand uses a novel scientific approach called Biomimetic MicroVectors, in order to allow the active ingredients to penetrate the skin on an even deeper level. With a formulation that is 95% natural & infused with Persian silk tree extract, hyaluronic acid and provitamin B3 and a plethora of highly specific extracts such as green tea, caffeine, pomegranate, and emollients, Baume Noir Eyes ($255) speeds up the cell turnover while simultaneously revealing a lasting glow. Versatile, this balm also aims to dramatically smooth any fine lines and wrinkles, decrease puffiness and minimize dark circles. In a way, NNTT is the Canadian counterpart of La Mer… Incredibly rich, repairing, and nourishing. Baume Noir Face & Baume Noir Lips round up the divine beauty trifecta. Available at Holt Renfrew and online at Nannettedegaspé.com


Polar Day Cream by Pour Moi

Made in France, Pour Moi has launched 4 new moisturizing day creams, suitable for every climate ($35). This one will lock in the moisture and increase your skin tolerance to any aggressive external factors such as nasty wind chills, bitter cold, and the driest overheated rooms and office cubicles. This incredibly taxing condition can only be addressed with the help of an ultra rich moisturizer. It just so happens that this one is infused with vitamin A, C and E, is cruelty-free, and won’t make your face shiny… The cold makes skin less oily but the right amount of oil and butter from Squalane and Shea Butter replenishes skin’s natural oils for a healthy glow. The brand firmly believes that there is no such thing as a skin type, so Pour Moi creates formulas using a novel strategy (such as Climate-Smart®), in which premium skincare is selected by climates! Furthermore, the label will be dropping a new cream suitable for mountain climates later this year.

Make sure to check out its little sister, Tropical Day Cream, if you are planning on going away this winter!



Brazilian Facelift Kit by Brazilian Skin

Ok, we really dig this one.

A completely natural alternative to Botox that doubles as a serum and promotes maximum skin elasticity? A lifting potion & wrinkle smoother? A night mask enriched with a triple stem cell complex… that truly works? Better stock up! We got to try the on-the-go syringe, Bratoxinsta ($59.99), which is included in the Brazilian Facelift Kit ($229). With several clinical studies backing up their claims, Bratoxinsta is a celebrity favourite. We were slightly skeptic at first, but within a few minutes after applying the on-the-go treatment on our under eye circles, we felt our skin dramatically tightening up! Results lasted roughly eight hours. Colour us impressed and under eye bag-free. Amongst the impressive patented ingredient list are youth-restoring minerals and Acai stem cells. It’s formulated in clinical doses and not tested on animals, and, best of all, it’s sensitive skin approved.