Fashion in Quebec, from the 1950s to today

By Daisy Mellar  


Within this stunning coffee table book, Through the Looking Glass: A Life in Fashion (Quand la vie défile), Jean-Claude Poitras is exhibited as nothing less than a born writer. As he divulges into the history of Quebec fashion since the 1950s, Poitras shows clear admiration for the revolutionary designers, manufacturers, retailers, and artists that helped to redefine the industry, portraying a charmingly personal sense of duty to remember them. Every page thrives with beauty, passion, and curiosity, giving us an in-depth backstage guide through the pivotal and glorifying moments of the past seven decades, along with some unforgettable fiascoes. No doubt, once you step through the looking glass into this era, you will be left with an impression that you won’t soon forget.

Author: Jean-Claude Poitras

Publication: October 31, 2018