The legendary jewelry company now has a location in Ottawa’s premium Rideau Centre shopping mall

Ottawa will add a touch of blue to their city after the world-renowned creations of Tiffany & Co. will be made available at their newest storefront. This opening will mark Tiffany’s 12th Canadian store, catering to the growing number of Canadians who love and appreciate the art of fine craftsmanship and superior quality. Tiffany’s engagements rings, watches, bracelets, and diamonds are among the best ever made. The brand’s iconic blue box is an assurance that any piece of jewelry you are buying or receiving is up to Tiffany’s incredibly high standards.





At nearly 2,400 square feet, the store proudly uses the details and architecture constituting the fundamental codes of Tiffany’s flagship in New York City. These details include an ear of corn that frames the entrance and accentuates the façade of the Rideau Centre store. Stainless steel doors and windows with Art Deco inspirations prodigiously embellish the entrance.





The store is divided into various counters set in a palette of blues that complement the famous Tiffany blue. The decor is accentuated by an abundance of magnolias with interlaced stalks and golden flowers in hand, which are also found on panels and delicate glass sconces. It’s the only place to experience Tiffany’s amazing services and beautiful creations.






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