Diamonds are a celebrity’s best friend!


Everytime I hear the name of the famous jewellery brand Tiffany and Co., I can’t help but picturing the slender figure of Audrey Hepburn at the begining of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The image is so iconic in people’s mind that it seems like the perfect representation of the strong bound between Tiffany’ and Hollywood.



Over the years, many celebrities from Elizabeth Taylor to Kate Winslet, have worn the stunning creations from the brand on the red carpet, as the final touch of their outfit. Perfectly capturing the magic of Hollywood’s biggest event, it was of course an obvious choice for many actresses at the latest Academy Awards’s ceremony. Jessica Biel wore the Whispers of the Rain Forest necklace from the 2017 Blue Book collection, while the Actress of the year Emma Stone went for platinum and 18K  gold drop earrings, an over three-carat yellow diamond stone ring, and a diamond band worth $110, ooo.


Take a look below at our gallery celebrating the love of the movie industry for Tiffany!