One of the most exquisite pleasures in life is making time to pamper yourself. Creating a comforting sanctuary might be the most rejuvenating way to get ready.

Whether it’s for a night out on the town, a party, or a special occasion, we all have our unique rituals for getting ready.You might be the type to keep it simple, or you might make a day of it: Starting the day at the spa for a relaxing facial, then heading to the salon to refresh your colour and haircut.

Revolutionary treatments like the new Hydrafacial, combines four steps designed to leave your skin in its optimal condition. There are many benefits to getting a facial treatment, especially if you do not regularly exfoliate and treat your skin. Not only do facials allow you to relax, but they relieve stress, increase blood circulation to the skin (facilitating skin cell renewal), reduce puffiness and signs of ageing, aid detoxification and cleanse pores on a deep level.

Consider a calming bath: The perfect excuse to stay in, unwind and shut off your phone. Set the scene with a few candles, a glass of wine, soothing music and infuse your soak with a luxurious bath oil to ease you into a relaxing state. Once your body is cleansed, exfoliated & moisturized, dry off in your most comfortable robe.


There are several steps involved in getting a flawless, glamorous beauty look is just a few steps away. Start by prepping your skin and ensuring a smoother, brighter canvas by cleansing and applying a layer of moisturizer and illuminating primer.

Perfect your complexion with foundation and concealer, and add structure by highlighting and sculpting your facial features. For a youthful glow, apply a shade of pink across the cheekbones. Shape your brows to properly frame your eyes. Create the eye look of your choice, whether it be a smokey, feline or natural eye. Complete the look with your preferred lip liner and lip colour.

Once you’re all dressed up, apply a shimmering body powder on top of the body cream, to sculpt and illuminate exposed skin for a long-lasting glamorous glow. Small details like groomed nails and styled hair ensure an overall polished look. For the finishing touch, spray on your signature scent. Make sure to bring some essential beauty products in your makeup bag, to touch up during the night, and you are ready to go!



Photography: Gabrielle Robert
Creative Director/Beauty: Mayillah Ezekiel
Fashion Editor: Rima Chahine at Folio
Model: Lea at Folio
Location: Loews Hotel Vogue
Retoucher: Valérie Laliberté
Assistant stylist: Eliza Isabel Clarke