Tom Ford. The Designer. The Filmmaker.

Tom Ford recently revealed that he’s working on a sequel to his Oscar nominated film “A Single Man” after finishing the script in September with a confidence that he can produce the film in between planning his collections for his label. The untitled thriller that’s in the works has been personally adapted by Ford from a novel, however, we are in the dark as to what the plot would be as its filmmaker remains hushed regarding the novel’s title .
“A book is a book; a film is a film,” Ford said. “They are totally different things. Sometimes things are subtle in a book because there’s an inner monologue with the character, and turning it into a film, you don’t have that inner monologue – unless you do, which I don’t love… You have to have something personal; you have to take what speaks to you about a book and amplify that. It’s impressionism, in a way.”
In his interview with WWD, Ford is a man of discipline and control but at the center of it all he’s a pragmatic showman. He played a bold move by moving his prearranged AW15 LFW show slot to show in LA for this one time because of the Oscars, “My show was going to be the morning after the Oscars and how much global press am I going to get?” he posed. “Because for two or three days in every newspaper all over the world, there are [Oscar] pictures.” The worries of presenting his collection to a different audience than that of a typical show are ever present.
“I think you decide what you want the outcome to be,” he continues. “What is my goal? Is my goal to worry about the fashion journalists and create something that, in their world, is of maximum relevance? Or is my goal to create something relevant yet also successful in the room? I won’t do something that’s only successful in the room and isn’t relevant. I don’t actually know [yet] what the answer is. I’ve already done preliminary casting and I’ve started to think about the hair and makeup. As it all starts to come together, I will find my answer.”
While we wait you can watch the trailer for A Single Man below.


Written on: February 23, 2015