With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we have selected our top boutiques for vintage luxury finds around Montreal.

If you are searching for rare Chanel to Hermes handbags, silk scarves watches and more, here are our top three locations for a truly unique shopping experience.


 1. La Friperie du Village

Located not far from Montreal, La Friperie du Village is worth the travel time. Tucked into a mesmerizing space, the boutique is filled with a phenomenal selection of luxury items from limited edition Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Gucci to rare Chanel pieces . Snoop their Instagram or website to peruse their latest selection, and be ready for a road trip.


2. Ruse Boutique 

Since opening in 2015, RUSE has offered a selection  high-end, designer and unique contemporary items. Located  in the Mile End  neighbourhood of Montreal, the shop offers a selection of men & women’s clothing, accessories and more displayed in a chic boutique setting for an optimal shopping experience.


3. LXRandCO

Tucked away in select Hudons’s Bay stores around Canada, LXRandCO  offers handbags, small leather goods, jewelry and more. Can’t get to a large retailer? Surf their website and order online hassle free to get your luxe goods delivered to your door.