You need to try these mouth watering Indian food joints!

If you go through my computer, you will find an Excel document filled with all the restaurants I’ve tried and a rating for each of them. You will also notice that the biggest section belongs to Indian restaurants. It appears as though I spend most of my time eating spicy dishes in every corner of the city – which might not be that far from the truth. That is why you have to trust me when I tell you these restaurants are the ones you have to try in Montreal!


Punjab Palace – 920 Jean Talon West

Hands down my favorite of the bunch, this place delivers the tastiest Indian meals for a price that is more than reasonable. Don’t waste your time ordering samosas and go directly for the good stuff like their Baigan Bharta (roasted and mashed eggplant with onions and tomatoes) and Dum Aloo Kashmiri (potatoes in a dry masala sauce). If you have some space left, try their spicy Chana Masala (chickpeas with tomatoes and Indian spices) or Aloo Gobi (cauliflower and potatoes cooked in ginger and traditional spices). And please, don’t even think about leaving without ordering their naan bread to make sure you grab every last bit from your dish.


Bombay Mahal – 1001 Jean Talon West

This bring your own wine restaurant knows how to mix their spices to deliver the ultimate Indian experience. Don’t mind the crowded space and the minimal decor … you’re only there to enjoy the food, after all. Their meals are authentic and taste absolutely delicious, especialy if you order their Palak Paneer (spinach cooked with cheese, garnished with fresh tomatoes and spices) or their one of their Biryani rices. If you don’t feel like going all the way to Park Ex for the Bombay Mahal experience, you will be happy to know that they have an express counter located on Boulevard Saint Laurent.


Malhi Sweets – 880 Jarry West

I could go here just to eat their samosas, since they have the best I’ve ever tasted in the whole city. The inside is so smooth that it melts in your mouth after you bite into the crispy outside. They serve it with a cucumber-mint raita that makes you want to lick your plate when no one is looking. Malhi Sweets can also brag about the fact that they serve the only Vegetable Korma in the city (vegetables, cream 35%, and Indian spices).


Thali – 1409 Saint Marc

You walk in this little hole in the wall and leave five minutes later with a super tasty meal that costs 10$ tax include.  Don’t waste your time eating here, you’ll probably enjoy your meal more in the comfort of your home rather than having to fight for one of the few tables. You can pick your own three dishes to create your thali of choice with meats and veggie options. I’d recommend the Aloo Gobi. It’s flavourful and super delicious, even if it less spicy than the usual recipe.





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