Toronto Men’s Fashion Week or TOM* is the eighth men’s fashion week in the world. They celebrate the best in menswear design, by showcasing emerging designers as well as established designers. The first edition, which was for Spring/Summer 2015 in August 2014, was a real success and got a lot of attention from the fashion industry.

Last week was the second season of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, where designers were invited to present their Fall/Winter 2015 collection, this time at 444 Yonge street. The space was more minimalist than the first location at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. Moreover, the runway was (on the floor instead of a stage like last season).

Many designers presented strong collections, and a few of them caught our attention. Some collections were more sophisticated and classical, like HD Homme and Christopher Bates, and for others more androgynous and cutting edge like Rank by Rani, Patrick Salonga and the montreal-based designer Pedram Karimi.

With the preponderant place that fashion is taking in men’s daily nowadays, it was inevitable that menswear has it’s own event to highlight the talent our canadian designers. TOM* fashion week is great innitiative to stimulate the industry on every aspects and we are already excited for the third season.