There are some products that are worth cultivating. They’re the ones that have a special corner on our beauty shelf, the sacred few that we actually manage to finish the entire bottle. For me, this has always been the Consonant Foaming Face Wash, bestowed upon me in high school by my mother and becoming a staple in my daily skincare routine ever since. In recent years, the brand has grown exponentially – both across the city and around the globe. They are now offering their products at Sephora, and rave reviews for their products, specifically Hydraextreme, have been popping up everywhere, from the Instagram stories of former Teen Vogue EIC and current Out EIC Philip Picardi to the Best Beauty Product list of ManRepeller. Now with 3 locations in Toronto, and shipping available nationwide, there is no excuse not to be using their products.

The most recent – and most exciting – new venture for this all-natural brand is their launch of facial services out of their flagship Queen St W location. With a range of treatments, ranging in duration and price, their accessible and effective facials will ensure your skin has never looked better. The innovative service is focused around cold laser – a low level, non-thermal, non-invasive therapy that uses LED light to stimulate biological processes below the skin’s surface. Think of it like sunbed tanning except it’s actually benefiting your skin.

Their 20-minute, $50 facial (the express version of their offerings) will pack the oxygen infusion and light therapy in so you are photo ready in 30 minutes. If you want to indulge your skin in some heavy R&R, the full service ($245 for 80 min) is the best pick. Providing you with the full nine yards and then some, the C3L Elevated Treatment features diamond microdermabrasion (aka the best exfoliation you’ll ever get) and Biosonix Ultrasound Therapy (this puts in the work of 5 weeks worth of serum application in 5 minutes). After the treatment, your skin will immediately look more radiant and hydrated, and within 24 hours, the facial muscles will appear more toned, firmer and lifted.

Their full facial process can be broken down into 8 simple steps:

First, a gentle cleanse with their famous Foaming Face Wash. Super relaxing. Then we get into the diamond microdermabrasion for deep exfoliation. Using a diamond (!) tip to rejuvenate the face while also sucking out the outermost layers of dead skin cells. Feels a little funny at first but there is nothing more effective. Next, Edema and lymphatic system cleansing or Negative Pressure Therapy. If you’ve been cheating on your diet (this includes indulging in a little too much alcohol) or feeling stressed, this treatment is a godsend. Used to stimulate lymph flow and remove toxins, this therapeutic step also strengthens the functions of tissue, promotes blood circulation, and helps to de-puff. Now we have my favourite part – the infusion of 100% natural Consonant HydrExtreme & custom vitamin shot blend. HydraExtreme is liquid gold – the little bottle is pricey, but it is probably the best skincare product on the market. In case just using that wasn’t enough, the aesthetician will custom blend it for you with natural booster shots based on your skin’s needs. To enter into total relaxation mode, the next step is the high-pressure oxygen spray which delivers moisture-rich oxygen to the deep layers of your epidermis to activate your cells, stimulate blood circulation and increase hydration. It will also help to kill any surface bacteria. Warning: this part is addictive.

The last three steps make this tech-forward facial so distinct from competitors. As mentioned, the Biosonix ultrasound combines cold laser light and continuous 3MHz ultrasound waves to create a Piexoelectric Effect that penetrates skins to deliver vitamins and nutrients. The Myolight microcurrent utilizes LED light to mimic the body’s natural current to tone and contour facial muscles and create structural collagen and elastin. It’s an all-natural version of a face lift. Finally, the full spectrum cold laser panel will deliver oxygen and stimulates photodynamic reactions in facial tissue for collagen production and improved complexion.

Whether it’s for a special occasion or self-care, the new Consonant facials live up to the brand’s reputation as Toronto’s go-to skincare brand. After receiving the treatment, my skin showed significant improvement – my complexion was brighter, evidence of sleepless nights totally erased, and my complexion smooth. Additionally, I’ve found that my skin has become more responsive to treatments that I use in my beauty routine. Two weeks after the fact, my skin is looking brighter, smoother, and more even (a big win for me, who is prone to dark circles and redness).

After your facial, your aesthetician will apply a custom blend of Consonant products to help seal in all the work that had been done that day. I highly recommend writing these products down, and perhaps purchasing a few on the way out. Trust me, they will do well by you. If you’re going to indulge in any beauty product, why not choose one that is effective, all-natural and Canadian-made?

Consonant Custom Cold Laser Treatment are available as of November 1st at the Queen St West location.