No fuss infusions… to rescue your hair from the damage of heating tools!


Let’s be real, we aren’t as gentle with our poor hair than we should! Between styling our hair with the heat of our blow-dryer and straightening it with a flatiron, we end up destroying its fibers. To help us get our most beautiful hair yet, Pureology just launched new treatments named Style + Care combining the benefits of haircare and styling products into one tube!



The super light formula doesn’t leave your hair sticky or dry, while giving you a polished look. Available in three ranges: Pure Volume, Curl Complete and Smooth perfection- this new line of hair products allows you to embrace your hair, no matter what is the true nature of your beautiful locks.

I personally have thin, colored and frizzy hair that need a lot of help to look like something. During summer, I prefer to keep them styled into a loose, soft and shiny braid. I tried the Smooth perfection formula during two weeks by adding a small amount to my damp hair. It makes my hair look like I just left the salon everyday, eliminating the frizzy look that can happen after heat and crazy weather. Promise kept Pureology!




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