2018 was an especially great year in terms of breakthrough technologies and exciting innovations.

By: Christine Elizabeth Laprade


“Motivated by consumers’ increased attentiveness towards hair and scalp health, haircare brands are beginning to take the same targeted approach used by their skincare counterparts. This encourages consumers to adapt their hair care regimes according to their individual needs and appearance-related goals. Therefore, as consumers look to using more sophisticated products, we are seeing new innovations such as pre-shampoos, scalp masks and exfoliators, being developed”,  explains Iliyana Mesheva, an Associate Analyst at GlobalDataMaria. As a result, product customization, scalp health care and multi-step routines are now front and center! And for this specific reason, we’ve distilled the newest hair care launches down to 7 distinct categories. Here’s a roundup of novel capillary products that will transform your mane into #hairgoals.


Pantene Pro-V Blends Charcoal Shampoo & Conditioner ($5.99-$9,99)

Binchotan charcoal is used all around the world in glass carafes as a water purifier. And recently, beauty masks made it their star ingredient, and all of a sudden charcoal toothpaste started trending on Instagram… Charcoal attracts impurities (just like a magnet) and acts as a gentle cleanser. This formula is free of anything dangerous or toxic and this duo consists of a purifying root wash and a renewing cream rinse. Ultra novel, smells divine and is infused with antioxidants. Available at Shoppers Drug Mart.


Bouncy, perfect curls

LUS Love ur Curls ($64 for the trio)

Short for “Love Ur Self”, LUS was born in Toronto and has since taken the beauty world by storm. With an emphasis on self-love and being 100% transparent in everything they do and their formulas, LUS refrains from using Photoshop (ok, they just won us over) and altering their pictures—which we are crazy about! Keepin’ it real till the very end, the brand is adamant that when it comes to curls that the best approach is to use a few key ingredients only -and to keep it simple. The founder, Sahar Saidi, has struggled with self-esteem while growing up and now aims to elevate and celebrate one’s natural beauty (which we find incredibly endearing). And for the record: our curly haired friends SWEAR by the 3-step system. Not tested on animals and free of anything toxic. Well done.


Adios, grey hairs!

Phyto RE30 Anti-Grey Hair Treatment ($59)

Completely novel and oh-so-needed, said everyone over 30!! This entirely natural (Phyto Paris promotes safe, plant-based formulas) repimenting technology consists of a peptide, RE30, which actually consists of a purple tulip extract… No dyes involved! This correcting serum aims to strengthen the hair at the roots, to thoroughly revive the original hair color and to simultaneously (re)pigment the roots. We love this concept! This unisex product will be a hit for sure, as it boots natural pigmentation by up to 38% for an end result of 77% less grey hair on average. Beauty editors rave about it.


Texturized & perfectly dishevelled tresses

Sebastian Professional Effortless ($16.50-$19.90)

Effortlessly out of bed hair is no joke! The best way to achieve effortless results is to follow this 3-step routine, believe it or not. Reset, Preset &  Shaper iD are for young professionals who are in a perpetual hurry and want to rock super texturized hair, without putting in any time or effort before they walk out the door. Sounds familiar? You’re not alone! In order to get the desired results, Sebastian put together 3 key products: An anti-residue clarifying shampoo RESET, which can be used daily and will reveal your natural shine as it dissolves styling residues, a texture building conditioner, PRESET, which brings grip and texture, and a finishing texturizing spray, SHAPER iD, a medium hold styling spray which will hold all day. What a time-saver! Works wonders. Sold at professional hair salons and select retailers.


#1 on-the-go ally

TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hair Spray ($5.99)

Smooth, Boost, Texture – The choice is yours with this recently launched collection. Touted as a unique, “reinvented hair spray”, the compressed, ultra fine mist allows any hair style to both move and retain its style – just like you see on tv. Seamless. A lasting style that isn’t stiff to the touch sounds like a dream come true to us. Invisible and natural looking, ideal for tousled looks (and braids and messy buns). This breakthrough technology (the compressed mist) allows the canister to hold the same number of sprays in a smaller container, while using less gas.


Turn up the volume!

Vichy Dercos Densi-Solutions Routine ($22.95-$39.95)

A unisex, 3-step routine meant to be used as a seasonal cure for an overall increase of hair density. Thickness (up to 60% more after the first use only!), resistance (thanks to the fortifying thickening balm for weak and thinning hair) but also noticeable density (partly because of a hair mass recreating concentrate, infused with resveratrol and a patented molecule). This one ticks all the right boxes with its key ingredients and formulas. With several studies to back up its claims, this might just be our fave Vichy launch so far! Suitable for sensitive skin and itchy-flaky scalp to boot.

Much needed brittle hair TLC

Redken all soft Argan-6 Oil care system ($31.75)

Thinking of going down south this winter? This entirely formulated line doesn’t benefit the scalp directly however is unparalleled when it comes to softening hair in the summer/hot weather/harsh conditions.  This sensational formula is enriched with omega-6 essential fatty acids, thus assisting in providing deep conditioning, lasting softness and crazy shine (hey peroxide blondes, take heed!). Redken all soft intensely nourishes all hair types, which is especially crucial for anyone who changes hair color relentlessly, hates frizzy hair, or just needs some intense conditioning. The multi-care oil for brittle/dry hair smells beyond divine and it doesn’t weigh hair down so it can deliberately be applied to mid lengths a well. Available at Redken salons.