Liquor bottles that have the semblance of luxury perfume bottles with a sweet almond-flavoured aroma finished off with a Italian touch.

The ultimate Italian pairing this season goes to the collaboration of Italian liqueur DISARONNO along with their fellow Italians, the high profiled luxury fashion house of Versace. DISARONNO’s trademark bottle gets the ultimate makeover as its exterior gets consumed by an soft sea blue and bright gold coat floral motif. The DISARONNO Versace Sour, a exclusive cocktail created in celebration of the collaboration, captures the beauty of the Italian coast in a well mixed concoction – finished off with real gold leaves as a sentiment of true Italian luxury fashion. Versace follows the list of previous designer collaborations that the Italian liqueur house has had in the past amongst those are artist Curtis Kulig,  London based cult brand Maharishi & Bagjack, and Moschino.

You can purchase the bottle in stores worldwide and in turn support Fashion 4 Development which will develop proceeds to its ongoing project in Africa. Pick up a bottle now from


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