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Ready or not the cold season is here, bringing along its share of low moments and freezing afternoons. To beat that depressive vibe, there is nothing better than treating yourself to a relaxing spa day. Since we know at Dress To Kill that you deserve nothing but the best, we decided to sacrifice ourselves -so selfless of us, we know- and try the thermal circuit at the brand new Spa William Gray.



Located on the lower level floor or the hip hotel, the luxurious spa includes 10 treatment rooms, a thermal circuit and relaxation spaces, along with an outside pool accessible only for the spa’s guests. The spa is the first one in Canada to offer the high end German Gharieni spa beds and equipment such as the hot Quartz bed and the Spa Wave sound therapy system.



For me, the highlight of the experience was clearly the herbal sauna room, which was diffusing a soothing lavender smell as I was feeling my pores opening, my limbs relaxing and an overall sensation of leisure. The Himalayan salt room was also a unique moment, allowing my body to feel relaxed like never before, thanks to the negative ions present in the salt, which purify the air. My colleague was personally more than impressed by the LED shower with colorful lights that you can switch to influence your mood.

By using innovative technologies to offer one of a kind treatments, Spa William Gray is clearly changing the game regarding what a spa experience should be all about.


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