Originally launched in 2008, the exquisite Perlée collection is a Van Cleef & Arpels trademark, with focuses on tradition and a high standard for excellence, taking the gold beads from the history of the Maison. Dedicated to expertise and savoir-faire, beadwork is manipulated by hand in order to bring out a brilliant shine of all the intricately placed beads. The innermost surface is polished using the mirror polishing technique, exclusive to Van Cleef & Arpels. Diamonds are selected through a strict regimen, and the intensity of their shine is enhanced by an openwork gold structure, allowing light to pass through and honouring the fine jewelry tradition.


Complementing the Perlée Between the Finger Ring, pendants, and earrings, the Maison introduces the bracelets in sensational hues. The ‘couleurs bracelets’ illustrate a truly unique design with cabochons placed opposite of vibrant diamonds on an open shank. Each bracelet is garnished with elegantly placed twinkling beads, accentuating the precious stones. Gold compliments deep green malachite, turquoise is accentuated by white gold, and pink gold is paired with red-orange carnelian, emphasizing warm and deep undertones brought out through polishing.


Following the intricate diamond custom of the Maison, the Perlée diamonds bracelets are the ultimate companion to the Perlée diamondcreations. The stackable intricacies balance one another with their complementary golden hues. A row of rounded diamonds is enclosed by two rows of gold beads, all falling gracefully on the wrist. Featured in white gold, the bracelet highlights the luminosity of yellow gold which blends perfectly with delicate and feminine pink. Complete with a subtle clasp allowing for alternating sizes, these pieces gracefully compliment any wrist size.