We sat down with Amit Mital, an impactful tech entrepreneur, former VP at Microsoft and CTO at Symentec. After all his past success, Mital is now managing his own tech incubator in Palo Alto and gave us insight into his new cutting edge project at Omnivor. From transforming memories to 3D video calls OMNIVOR has now partnered with Dress to Kill Magazine, the first publisher to debut Volumetric Video.


What is the grand vision of Omnivor, whats is the ambition behind this project ?

We believe Omnivor represents the best and most natural way of capturing video, where the user is free to view the scene from any perspective.  This is the freedom we have in everyday life when we look around our environment, and we should have that ability for recorded content as well.  Omnivor will transform how memories are captured and recreated, how entertainment becomes interactive, and how e-commerce becomes truly immersive and life-like.


How fast the technology is evolving?

The technology evolves weekly; recently, the team achieved streaming of volumetric content over the web and mobile networks, and remains the only company able to do this.


What are the next milestone for you guys ?

We are constantly improving quality while also working towards larger and larger capture scenes.


What are 1-2 project you currently work on ?

We are working with major sportswear brands to enable new product catalog and augmented reality scenarios.


What is something mind blowing that Omnivore would be able to do in the future ?

In the next year, the technology will enable real time processing.  We will then be able to enable “virtual teleportation” – the ability to have fully immersive, 3D video calls with anyone, anywhere – in a way that feels like they are in the room next to you.


Any great application of your technology for medical purpose or other community beneficial use ?

We are working with a leading medical institute to create medical instructional content that can be immersively viewed, so that doctors-in-training can get an experience that is more engaging, informative and immersive.


What could e next Omnivor/DTK project ?

We are excited to explore opportunities to partner with DTK to showcase great fashion concepts.


There is any new term that has been invented? Like a term that your team use between themselves or to describe a person that has been in a volumetric video?

We are actually trying to find ways to map this new, transformational capability to existing concepts to help people understand how we can improve existing scenarios and workflows.


Your company is in Seattle, how big of a studio and or a team?

The studio is about 30×30 feet; the team is approximately 8 people.


Are you raising capital?

From select strategic investors who can add value to our platform.


What is your title in the company?



Any statement/quote from the founder?

Omnivor is a pioneer in Volumetric video.  We strive to enable a world where all visual content is immersive, hyper realistic and seamlessly blends into reality