How hot are you? Even though beauty is highly subjective, a website called Anaface claims to rate attractiveness.

Do you ever wonder how attractive you are? This is something I find hard to gage. In ambient lighting while wearing the right lipstick I could consider myself a somewhat confident person but on certain occasions I feel the need to avoid mirrors like the plague. Here’s where a website called Anaface – short for analyze face – comes in handy. The nifty computer system mathematically measures a person’s attractiveness by using algorithms to analyze facial symmetry.

The process is pretty simple. Upload a selfie and strategically place 17 dot markers on your face – forehead, ears, sides of the mouth, ect (there’s a diagram to guide you). Here, your features will be measured and rated according to your “symmetry”. The program then proceeds to score your attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 10 (ouch). It also generates insensitive comments (lucky us!), such as:  “your face has poor horizontal symmetry, your mouth is too wide for your nose, and your ears are too long for your nose”. Say what? I never thought about my ears in relation to my nose.

The website is interesting in theory but is definitely outdated in how it defines beauty. The algorithm is based on a Renaissance model of traditional beauty where facial symmetry was considered to be most important. Keep in mind that this method of assessing beauty does not take into account major qualities that are integral in assessing someone’s attractiveness – eye color, skin, personality, mannerisms, charm.

Are you brave enough to take the test? See the link bellow.


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