What really goes on at a shopping media event.



You would seriously think that people working in the fashion industry are the most jaded people ever when it comes to VIP shopping events. Think twice. When it is related to one of H&M’s special collaborations with a famous designer, they can turn themselves into real street fighters.

Ok, it’s not that they lose all self esteem over a fluffy jacket or a pyjama-looking printed top, but they know how to make their way through the crowd without looking back to make sure they didn’t step on your feet or knock you over with a hanger.

Ready like never before – we might even have listened to Eye of the Tiger a few times before leaving the office – Belinda and I arrived at H&M’s Montreal flagship on Sainte-Catherine street. We received our bracelets with the hour at which we would finally have access to the ring..euh..I mean the store.



As soon as they called out our time, a stampede of boldly dressed fashionistas – some of which chose to wear heels to my utter dismay (read: admiration) – pushed their way through, clawing their hands at any loud Kenzo print they could get their hands on. The only thing on my mind was, “how will I ever find my size under pressure?”. In my world, anything with ruffles goes, so I went around in circles several times – losing Marie-Ève in the process – trying to snag any girly piece I could. Clearly, I didn’t do enough research beforehand to ensure maximum efficiency. Mustering my inner crazy animal, I shoved a few exotic animal-printed tops in my bag and rushed to escape the ring, slightly out of breath.



When Belinda and I finally met again in the dressing rooms – with what looked like little tears in our eyes – we knew we were in a for a treat. So many prints. So many colours. So many things that would never ever fit our petite frame.

Outfit 1: OMG, I actually totally dig this jacket. It is ridiculously comfy and it’s the same blue as my hair. I NEED IT. I have 20 blacks dresses that would look amazing under this jacket. But, am I really ready to embrace colours?

Outfit 2: I could archive my lifetime goal of spending most of my days in pyjamas in this top. I am seriously thinking about embracing the Hugh Hefner way of living. Ugh, I wish I was a freakishly tall Russian model so I could pull it off, ’cause on me, it simply looks like I am ready to leave for me bestie sleepover. Life is not fair.





I stepped into my dressing room, ready to conquer. Time to see if any one of these tops wouldn’t bag around the waist or shoulders. Being tiny is hard, okay?

Outfit 1: I might maybe potentially possibly LOVE this blouse. Ruffled neckline? Check. High collar? Check. Funky print? Check, check, check. Could it be love? Maybe.

Outfit 2: Green and pink are two colours I never thought I’d wear, at least not together. Let’s not neglect to mention the stripes mixed with zebra print. My wild side has officially emerged. The best part? The sleeves that extended slightly beyond my arms. Nothing excites me quite like funky sleeves. But then again, what about this whole collection isn’t a tad bit funky?

Marie-Ève decided to embrace the colourful life with her fluffy bomber. Only time will tell if this feeling will last. As for me? The ruffled blouse really tickled my fancy. Tidbit: It came in black, but I never even put that one on.

-Some parts of this story might be a little exaggerated. Maybe.


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