To celebrate the return of sunny days, we’ve put together a list of our favourite artists to discover this summer.



This Icelandic princess sings like a siren who wants to seduce her audience. Her electro pop sound, combined with powerful lyrics, creates beautiful songs that have been compared to Björk’s work. With her new album, “All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend,” she delivers spacey melodies and sets an ethereal mood. Her talent will captivate you throughout the entire record.

Where to catch her: Osheaga Festival, Montreal, July 30, 2016

Listen to her if you like: Sia, Of Monsters and Men, Foxes



Yes, he is another white rapper, but writing him off as another Macklemore would be a big mistake. His sophomore album, “When It’s Dark Out,” was launched last fall and got raving reviews for its rich lyrics and unapologetic vibe. If G-Eazy appeared confident on his first album, this one is can be seen as a declaration of his ambition.

Where to catch him: Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, Toronto, July 24, 2016

Listen to him if you like: Mac Miller, J. Cole, Drake



They have been teasing us about releasing new music since the beginning of the year while touring as Taylor Swift’s opening act. Rumours say we should expect a new album before the end of summer, which makes perfect sense, since they just kicked off their U.S. tour in early May. Praised by their fans for their guitar hooks and catchy rock melodies, these three sisters promise to hit the right note.

Where to catch them: Osheaga Festival, Montreal, July 30, 2016

Listen to them if you like: Fleetwood Mac, Florence + The Machine, Lorde



Since the release of their second album, “Every Open Eye,” the Scottish band has been busy promoting their new material. On their second opus, their synth-pop sound is more confident and joyful. Most of their songs include hopeful lyrics that urge listeners to rise above their own personal problems and embrace life. The mix of lead singer Lauren Mayberry’s soft – but powerful – voice mixed with dark synth sounds creates the perfect captivating juxtaposition.

Where to catch them: WayHome Music and Arts Festival, Toronto, July 22, 2016

Listen to them if you like: Purity Ring, Grimes, Zola Jesus






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