Chez Sophie

You don’t go Chez Sophie to feast on edgy cuisine and take too many selfies for your Instagram account in their bathroom. You decide to eat there because you are craving well executed satisfying French cuisine with some Italian influences. On the night I stop by to try their new menu, everybody couldn’t help but raving about their cripsy soft-boiled egg, perfectly runny and oozing into the plates. Don’t hesitate to ask the opinion of your waiter before picking the wine, chances are he will be able to advise you something that will totally blow your mind without destroying your budget.




Ibericos is a Spanish tapas tavern specialized in pork products from the Iberian region of Spain. Of course you can still order the traditional toastadas and paella, but you will definitely miss on something if you were to visit without trying their hams and chorizo. In addition to their tasty charcuteries, you can also stop by to buy some of their products like olives, olive oil and Valencian rice; to reproduce at home the perfect aperitif with flavors of Spain.

La Chamapagnerie

Well known like as a must stop for any bubbly lover in Montreal, La Champagnerie recently launched its Bachelorette menu, including different packages (for a party of 10 people or more)to satisfy all the needs of its precious guests. Some of the deals include: a sharing-style menu for the table, a polaroid, games, photo props and the option to open your own bottles of Champagne with the traditional method, along with a lot of fun!