summer is finally here and we are ready to get carried away by the warmth of the sun.


This bar located in the Plateau neighborhood has a strong old school tea parlor vibe…but with cocktails! The mastermind behind the cocktail list for the summer is mixologist Lawrence Picard (yes, him again), who created what must be my new favorite drink. Made with Hennessy VS, Ardberg, syrup of lime and pine , fresh lime juice and pineapple juice, the Sir Wilde is pure smoky perfection.



With an impressive view of Place Jacques-Cartier and a tropical vibe, Perché is definitely a must stop to make you feel like you are on vacation all summer long. They partenered up with Tequila Tromba to establish a festive cocktail list that will definitely seduce every Margarita’s lover out there along with exciting your taste buds. So next time you are sad over the fact that you’re not able to book a one way ticket for the West Coast, head over to this new hot spot.


Sea Salt & Ceviche

The trendy seafood restaurant in the Old Port is ready to give you a taste of the estival season with oysters and martinis thanks to the launch of its Grey Goose‘s Terrasse. Open all summer long, it’s the perfect occasion to try the famous Espresso Martini -one of my absolute favorite cocktails by the French vodka brand- along with Grey Goose Punch and exciting food pairings.