Last season, the praised accessories and clothing designer Rebecca Minkoff decided to skip fashion week. The designer was nine months pregnant, and the political climate volatile – it seemed that presenting pretty purses and dainty dresses on a catwalk wasn’t right for the moment. Instead, Minkoff connected with members of the Women’s March and a handful of celebrities to share their stories and be photographed wearing the see-now-buy-now spring 2018 collection.

“We realized we had an untapped audience of women who were looking for brands to become their platform for their self-expression and not just product-driven companies,” Minkoff explained to WWD.

Producing ultra-feminine pieces isn’t going to cut it anymore. Sure, the demand for floral dresses hasn’t changed, but the shopper’s ethos has. Instead of fighting the millennial-driven consumer shift, Minkoff is embracing it. Cue a brand makeover.

The rebrand entails a new identity and a new tagline: “I Am Many.” The idea is to embrace the various parts of a woman’s multidimensional personality and the increasing popularity of a sharing collectivistic culture (e.g. ride-shares, office spaces like WeWork and Airbnb, etc.). The new identity encompasses the many things a woman can be – “Huggiver. Breadwinner. Runner. Smileraiser. PeaceKeeper” – and some motivational phrases – “I Am Many. When slaying is tender. When sensitivity meets daring. When femininity meets street.”

To re-launch the brand refresh, a series of promotional videos featuring superwomen entrepreneurs, media figures, and activists sporting the fall, holiday, and resort collections, will premiere at their SoHo store on Sept 5th. On Sept 18th, Minkoff will release the first of thirty recorded podcasts, titled “Superwomen with Rebecca Minkoff.” You can expect conversations with Ibtihaj Muhammad, Olympic medalist; Samantha Barry of Glamour; Coco Rocha; Anne Fulenwider of Marie Claire; Michelle Lee of Allure; Christene Barberich of Refinery29; and Amirah Kassem of Flour Shop.

Minkoff is no stranger to the new era of feminism: last August, she was announced as a member of the first-ever New York State Council on Women and Girls, alongside other successful females including Refinery29 founder Christene Barberich, SoulCycle CEO Melanie Whelan, and Deloitte CEO Cathy Engelbert. Now, she is using her platform to bring empowerment to a broader community.


Rebecca Minkoff the brand is hoping to go viral. They built a RM Superwomen community (complete with a facebook group!), and will be launching (in partnership with key talent) a social media swell of videos showing who women are, encouraging followers to wear the “I Am Many” logo tee and contribute their own post – similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge, or the In My Feelings vids. The plan is to capitalize on the widespread use of social media to tap into the feminist wave and revive the former industry leader’s image.