The new face of Calvin Klein is on the rise!


Born and raised in Australia on her grandparents’ farm, the blonde bombshell knew from an early age that she wanted to be an actress. As  a teen, she got her start in commercials, before landing her first major acting role in Australia’s longest-running soap opera, Neighbours. She stayed on the show for three years, perfecting her American accent on the side with an acting coach.  In 2011,  she decided to take a leap of faith and move to Hollywood, hoping to stand out from the crowd of starlets. The rest of her story is the stuff of textbooks.

These days, it seems impossible to go a week without hearing her name, thanks in part to her popular role as Harley Quinn in the newest DC Comics franchise. While most of us can agree that Suicide Squad wasn’t the smashing success we were all hoping for, we can certainly acknowledge the fact that Margot Robbie stole every scene she was in. The Aussie actress projects a kind of unique charisma that makes it impossible for the spectator to take his or her eyes off of her. Since her performance in The Wolf of Wall Street in 2013, it seems like the movie industry has finally started to take her seriously as an actress by giving her more challenging roles, like those in Z for Zachariah and Suite Française, where she can showcase her range of talent.



This fall, she made her debut as the newest face of Calvin Klein in a sexy and sultry commercial. Jumping off the screen thanks to her effortless beauty in the advert for Deep Euphoria – the brand’s latest fragrance – she plays the role of a vixen who wakes up next to two gorgeous young men after a night of dancing and fun in a warehouse. Seductively whispering the name of the perfume at the end of the clip, Margot perfectly embodies what the scent is all about: a sensual smelling of vibrant chypre floral with notes of black magic rose and sensual musk. “We are thrilled to work with Ms. Robbie on this exciting addition to the Calvin Klein Fragrances portfolio,” said Calvin Klein Chief Marketing Officer Melisa Goldie. “Her beauty and talent is an expression of the incredible legacy of women who have been captured in Calvin Klein campaigns over the years.”

In terms of what the future holds for her, Margot is rumoured to be on board for a  Suicide Squad spinoff focused on her Harley Quinn character. Whatever the case, we will definitely see more of her in the year to come – and  frankly, I don’t think anyone will complain.


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